NEW! Wet n’Wild Brush Review + Comparing to ELF Brushes

In this video I will be going over these new Wet n’Wild brushes that are only $3 or less! so affordable! I will be comparing them to ELF brushes along the way, and give my final thoughts at the end.

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Time Break Down:
0:20 What Brushes I Own
1:27 Packaging/ does it shed?, how sturdy is the handle? Are they soft? What happened after washing the brushes?
3:06 Powder Brush
3:35 Flat Top Brush
4:17 Blush Brush
4:45 Large Stipple Brush
5:13 Small Stipple Brush
5:57 Contour Brush
7:03 Large Eyeshadow Brush
7:27 Crease Brush
8:24 Smokey Liner Brush
8:54 Small Concealer Brush
9:10 Eyeliner Brush
9:36 Final Thoughts: do you need these in your life???
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I am a strong believer in only purchasing products from companies that do NOT test on animals. If you would like to learn more about cruelty free makeup click the links below:

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p.s. If you see me using a product that you know is not cruelty free, just realize that I am aware and more than likely I received it as a gift, or it is left over from before I made the switch to cruelty free. I am trying my best to have every product on my channel be cruelty free but it just takes time.

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